5 Reasons for an In-Home Engagement Session

January 28, 2020

Okay, so it’s time to pick a location for your engagement session. Your photographer asks you to think of a place that has meaning, a place that’s special, somewhere where you and your fiance share memories.

Well, duh. What about your own home!

It’s not often the location that comes to mind first, but I’d like to share with you why it’s perfect for your engagement session.

1. The weather doesn’t matter.

So if there is one thing that I despise when it comes to photography, that is having to reschedule. And if I were to guess, you’re probably not too fond of it either.

You’ve got everything picked out, your outfits, your hair appointment, the location, and the darn rain comes around and we’ve got to find another date.

Or maybe you’re ready to schedule your engagement session but it’s February, and February tends to be prime snow time and maybe the cold just isn’t your friend. (Or is that just me?)

So when it comes to having your engagement session at home, we get to control the weather. Well not really, but it doesn’t matter what it’s doing outside the window, because we’re in the warmth and coziness of your home.

2. Kiss like no one is watching.

Because no one is! Well except me, and I’m not really watching, I’m just sort of there.

You’re at home, you’re cozy, probably dressed in something comfortable, you surrounded by your favorite pillows and blankets, and you get to kiss like no one is watching. I mean go for it. Take your time, be in the moment, be with each other.

When your session is outside, at a park, downtown, etc. you’re not alone. And maybe having an audience watch you get your photos done isn’t your idea of a fun, romantic time. (Trust me, people will stop and watch).

If you’re longing for authentic, intimate, and passionate images, let’s just say it doesn’t get anymore real than at home.

3. We have props on hand.

So I’m not a huge fan of props for engagement photos. I think the subject of the image should be you and your hubby-to-be, right?

But at the same time, we want to capture who you really are and images of the two of you in everyday life are as pure and real as we can get.

So bake the cookies, drink the wine, play the board game, read the book. Whatever you two do together, how you share your evenings and your Sunday mornings… aren’t those the moments you want to remember forever.

When we’re at your home, all of those favorite things are right within our reach to play with and try out… you know, like fresh baked cookies.

4. We’re not chasing the sun.

Don’t get me wrong, sunsets are gorgeous. I actually LOVE chasing the sun – watching it disappear just over the horizon.

But… sometimes it disappears faster than you may think. Your photographer will very carefully select a session start time based on that day’s projected sunset, however that plan isn’t bullet proof.

Maybe you were running behind and didn’t start on time, maybe the location you had planned on using doesn’t actually see the evening sun, maybe it’s overcast and there’s no sunset at all.

An in-home session provides gorgeous light no matter the sun’s situation. In fact, sometimes an overcast day will actually provide even better tones.

There’s no chasing the sun and worrying about our time together. We can just keep doing our thing.

5. Being comfortable shows.

Comfort is key. You may be a bit nervous about being in front of a camera. Maybe you just have no idea what to wear, or the classic question, “what do I do with my hands?”

Well the bad news is, we can tell. Being uncomfortable in your photos shows. Wearing an outfit that’s not you, or a hair style that just doesn’t feel right, when you get your photos back, you’re going to wonder, “who is that girl?”

When we’re in your home, all of those attempts to be someone you are not, tend to fall away. The sense of ease and comfort shows in your face, the way you stand, the outfit you wear, the way you kiss, because you’re in your element and your place of joy and rest. Trust me, it shows.

Is an in-home session right for you?

Do you want your photos to be authentic and real?

Do you want to feel like it’s just the two of you, and a romantic date together? Or do you like the people at the park watching…

Do you want your photos to be calm, not rushed, to be relaxed and on your timeline?

Do you want to capture what is truly you and your fiancé? Who you are and what you value?

Take the time to plan what is right for you.

There are no musts, no must nots, there is only what matters to you most.


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