How to Celebrate Your Dog’s Birthday with Easy Cupcakes

November 17, 2020

Happy birthday to my sweet boy, Chandler! In case you’re already wondering, no, Chandler is not named after the well known Friends dude, Chandler. Our pup got his name from Chandler, Arizona! As my husband and I were living out west when we picked up this little bundle of fur.

Who is not so little anymore! Chandler is officially 4 years old and a big bundle of fluff!

So I may be a bit of a bad dog mom, because I sort of forget that it was his birthday until about 1pm on the day of – thanks Facebook memories…

But I still wanted to make the day festive! With us moving, selling our house, and some relatively frequent travel, Chandler has been extra anxious and clingy lately. So I wanted to make the day special and give a little something sweet.

A quick Google search and I found this super easy pupcake recipe by Love Swah! Get the Peanut Butter and Banana Pup Cake Recipe Here!

What was perfect about this recipe is it only takes a few ingredients, all of which I had on hand. In fact, I was just trying to think of what to use my browning bananas for.

I gave Chandler a couple tastes along the way to see if he approved, and he quickly became very interested in what was on the stove.

They baked for 15 minutes while I whipped up the icing (also Chandler approved) which I set in the freezer briefly to thicken before I iced the cupcakes.

I happen to have a few doggie cookies (thanks Grammy!) that I topped the cakes with because you know, it’s all about presentation and then it was time to chow!

After much sniffing (Chandler really has to check things out before he dives in) it was snack time. Chandler finished every last bite and licked the plate clean! The recipe made 4 cupcakes, so I still have two in the fridge for another day. With that amount of sugar, we figured we’d space out the decadence.

Recipe is Chandler approved and highly recommended in terms of ease and time required!

Happy birthday, bubba! We are so thankful to have you in our lives!


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