Megan and Mike | Federal Hill Winter Engagement

February 23, 2020

Winter sessions are quickly finding a special place in my heart. I used to think winter was dead and dreary, that finding warmth and color was impossible this time of year.

But this winter has been different. What used to look like gray now appears gold, red, blue, and yellow. It’s not like this year is any different than years past, so why the sudden change in color?

It seems as though it’s another case of perspective. A reminder that our realities are only a visual representation of what we create in our minds.

The setting for Megan and Mike’s engagement was that of a winter Federal Hill Park. We were blessed with the warmth of the sun and a clear blue sky. We even got a sneak of green from the holly bushes in front of the nearby Baltimore row homes.

An afternoon sunset the prefect setting.


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